Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Singapore Year Books @ National Archives

Finally I made my first visit to the National Archives at Fort Canning Rise. There is a comfortable reading area, and on one of the shelves in the room is the collection of Singapore Year books from 1955 to 2007 (The last year that hardcopy Yearbooks were published). Quite a few of the books are in pretty poor condition, especially the older ones. 
The year books were not always called year books.   
From 1947 till 1958, they were known as 'Colony of Singapore Annual Report 19XX' and were published by the authority of the Government Printing Office, Singapore.
From the year when self-government was granted 1959 till 1963, the books were known as 'State of Singapore Annual Report 19XX'. In 1964 however, it became simply 'Singapore Year Book 19XX'. This was further shortened to just "Singapore XXXX" from 1969 till 2003. From 2004 till 2007, it became known as 'Singapore Year Book 200X' again.  

Singapore Year Book 1965

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