Monday, 23 January 2012

Singapore City Map, 1900

This map is a page from a German Encyclopedia: Brockhaus Konversations Lexikon 14. Auflage (Brockhaus Encyclopedia 14th Edition). The map dates back to 1900 (See bottom left of map) and offers a wealth of details of the extent and roads of Singapore town at the end of the 19th century. This map is rather common. I got this map from ebay, and i must have seen at least three of these maps being sold in the past half a year on ebay. I also saw one on sale at one of the antique shops in the Chinatown area.  

Here are some points points that I find interesting:
  • People's park is really a park. See "Volkspark" north of New Bridge Road
  • The hills of Mt. Wallich and Mt. Palmer no longer exist
  • Within the present day Istana grounds, near the Colonial Secretariat (Present day PM office) lies a malay cemetery
  • Where the neo-classical Supreme Court stands, Hotel d'Europe used to stand.

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